VR Mech Combat Game ‘Vox Machinae’ is Back with Motion Input, Closed Beta Coming Soon

With VR’s strengths for cockpit-based games, you’d think that there would be more quality mech titles available to today’s headsets. Alas, a killer VR mech game hasn’t reared its head just yet; Vox Machinae, a promising VR mech combat game that has been running silent on development for a long time, has reappeared, now set for release in 2018.

Vox Machinae first appeared on our radar all the way back in 2014—back in the Rift DK1 and DK2 era, and long before motion input. The game appeared quite promising back then, and while indie studio Space Bullet only rarely surfaces with updates on development of the title, we have been assured that it’s still in development. What’s happened between now and then?

“Well, we’ve been spending all that time polishing the game up, now we’re ready to reveal to you the latest developments,” says Space Bullet’s Jakub Czeszejko-Sochacki. A new video published by the developers shows a more polished version of the game now featuring native motion input support for controlling and piloting your mech.

In addition to the new video, Czeszejko-Sochacki says that the studio is soon to be running a closed beta for Vox Machinae, hopeful test pilots can sign up here. He also says that the studio plans to release the game in “one form or another” this year. The studio says players can expect the following:

  • A unique mix of weighty and tactical simulation with responsive action.
  • Pilot a hulking robot across hostile planets with your computer AI for company.
  • Choose between five distinct Grinder chassis, each with their own benefits.
  • Customize your loadout an array of devastating weaponry.
  • Immersive physics simulation drives movement and combat.
  • Play offline, on a local network, or online with up to 16 players.
  • Optimized for smooth VR performance and visual quality.
  • Full motion controller support for the ultimate immersive experience.

Motion Input

Image courtesy Space Bullet

Space Bullet has clearly spent a lot of their recent development time revamping the game for native motion input. The studio gives a taste of the way you can interact with your mech through the cockpit, including an awesome looking eject handle:


Rearrange System Displays

Eject Like a Badass

– – — – –

We’ll be looking forward to our first taste of the game now that it’s been reworked for motion input, and hoping for a substantial release this year.

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