VRcade Arena is a New ‘Warehouse-Scale’ VR Arcade System Offering 8-Person Multiplayer

When laser tag came into arcades and theme parks around the world in the 80s and 90s, a new industry of custom, commercial-grade laser tag hardware was born—coincidentally the same point in time when VR experienced its first massive hype cycle and went back into proverbial hybernation. Now that VR is back, location-based entertainment (LBE) facilities are eyeing virtual reality as ‘the next laser tag’, a place where a group of friends could go and experience something unique together. Enter VRstudios.

VRstudios, the Seattle-based global provider of VR arcade equipment, today announced the release of a new system called VRcade Arena which bills itself as a wireless ‘warehouse-scale’ VR platform that can provide multiplayer games and experiences for up to eight simultaneous users. Offered as a turnkey VR solution for businesses, VRcade Arena is built on the company’s proprietary Attraction Management Platform (AMP) that provides content, user analytics, and software/hardware integration of 1st and 3rd party equipment.

image courtesy VRStudios

Designed for amusement parks, family entertainment centers, cinemas and casinos, VRcade Arena was created to make setting up and maintaining a multiplayer VR installation an easy task for businesses that otherwise would have to cobble together consumer-grade equipment. To boot, the company also offers users a fully wireless experience together with custom VR headset, and peripherals like pistols and motion controllers.

Dave Ruddell, VRstudios’ cofounder and Chief Architect, says that the company currently operates more than 40 VRcade systems around the world, and that the new VRcade Arena system “enables an exciting new level of immersive out-of-home experiences for everyone, from casual VR enthusiasts to serious eSports competitors.”

image courtesy VRstudios

The company’s VR system runs on a hardware-agnostic platform, and currently features a number of multiplayer titles including; Time Zombies, Barking Irons, planktOs: Crystal Guardians, and VRcade Drone Storm with the promise of more to come.

The new eight-person, multiplayer system is said to ship with content specifically designed to leverage the unique features that can only be experienced in a location-based ‘arena-scale’ system.

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