VRLINES launched the first directory of VR locations

The VR center called VRLINES is pleased to announce the launch of their new VR project, dubbed as VRNISH. Through this, the company brings a new experience, by enabling VR enthusiasts to easily find the nearest addresses of VR locations, including their virtual experiences, and check out all details. This project is the first universal guide of VR locations. It’s free to use.

The people from all over the world, who have VR platforms or locations, like various arcades, escape rooms, VR cinemas, museums, etc, have a freedom to create their page, at to no cost, on the product’s official website VRNISH.com. The same lucky chance have VR content runners as well, with their VR-games, experiences and fictions.

When speaking about the project, the inventor of VRLINES Emilie Gobin Mignot has noticed the missing link between purchasers and VR locations, which has become the reason for developing the VRNISH.

She has also mentioned the huge demand from VR project creators and location owners, as the VRNISH is the easiest way for all them to shine in VR, promoting their contents and locations.

VRNISH helps not only to find VR addresses, but also it enabled to check the details, such as opening hours, available VR activities, reviews of visitors, etc. The company will soon offer online reservation for the locations as well.

VRNISH currently contains more than 200 locations (Asia is not included) and 300 VR activities.

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