Walmart will train its employees through VR

Multinational retailing corporation Walmart, which is the largest dealer in the world with its revenue and employees, is planning to bring VR to its business. The dealer has announced, that it will use VR, in order to prepare its staff members for sales-related topics such as customer-service and management.

Walmart’s VR educational activity will be held in company’s 200 training centers, which are situated in U.S. Each center will be equipped with Oculus Rift eyewears, as well as PC, with VR-training programs. As the firm has declared, lessons will be held at the end of 2017.

The VR practices are completely based on 360-degree videos. During the trainings, employees will be offered various situations, for which they will have to find solutions. The situations will be focused on customer-support service or mastership. Situation may also be seasonal, such as Black Friday bustle in VR.

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To bring the VR practices to its “Wal-Mart Academy”, the firm has teamed up with STRIVR Lab, which is the world’s leading training software, based on VR. Practices will be categorized from 30 seconds to around 5 minutes.

Firstly, the Wal-Mart is planning to extend its VR system only to its training centers. But as the STRIVR Lab’s CEO Derek Belcher has announced, the company aims to bring VR to its all retail centers in the U.S.

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