Win Real Prizes At Six Flags park with AR

The Los Angeles-based theme park Six Flags Magic Mountain invites attraction lovers to experience the new Seek AR app within its area for free. SFMM is a huge amusement park located in Santa Clarita, California. It offers more than 19 top-notch rollercoasters and 100 other games, rides for visitors of any age.

Visitors can experience the app at the park until July 31. “Seek” is a location-based adventure application, which enables peoples to hunt treasures in a real area through the Seek Map. After downloading the AR app and registering, one will find a VR map on which will be seen treasure chests. Opening the chest, users will gain real prizes.

For experiencing the app, users have to visit the park with their Samsung Gear 360 or Galaxy S8 Plus and a ticket of Six Flags. Among the prizes, which will be given from native or public organizations, users can find Disneyland tickets, TVs, gift cards from Amazon, free food, cameras and many other useful things.

There are three types of chests – epic, rare and legendary. To open these chests, users have to find appropriate keys, which they can acquire with coins within the Seek chests. In addition, rare chests will give a better chance to win bigger awards.

Within the the app there is also a Seek Hub feature, where chest seekers can compare their skills with other players from other areas. This field enables users to check out their progress and achievements.

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