You Can Watch This Week’s ‘Dota 2’ International Championships With Friends in VR

Beginning today through the 12th of August is one of the biggest E-sports events of the year, the 2017 International Dota 2 Championships. With a prize pool of more than $23 million, there’s a lot on the line. You can get an inside-the-game front row seat through the Dota 2 VR Hub.

The Dota 2 VR Hub allows players to step inside the game via the HTC Vive headset, which allows you to watch live in-game matches, replays, and get together with up to 15 others to watch streams in the VR Theater. Here’s a look at the experience of watching Dota 2 matches from inside VR:

Accessing the Dota 2 VR Hub is easy and free. Valve offers the following instructions:

Q: How do I install the Dota VR Hub?

  1. Install Dota 2 on Steam.
  2. In your Steam Library, select Dota 2.
  3. Under the DLC section of the library page, click the checkbox to enable DotaVR.

Q: How do I run the Dota VR Hub?

When running from the desktop, run Dota 2 as normal. A popup will appear that lets you choose whether to run Dota 2 or the Dota VR Hub. If running from within SteamVR, Dota VR will automatically boot when you choose “Play in VR”.

You can of course also catch the action via traditional desktop livestream here.

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Valve originally launched the Dota VR Hub for the 2016 International, and we also saw a limited edition Dota 2 Vive headstrap at that time, but it isn’t clear if there will be a similar offering this year.

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