YouTube Unveiled its Heatmaps in VR and “VR Creator Lab” Program

YouTube published its heatmaps for VR immersive content on 16th of June, 2017. With this project those who create and publish VR videos can see the whole analytics, thus they can figure out which section of the 360 videos observers interact the most.

YouTube tries to help all 360 video creators to record the most immersive and engaging videos. YouTube team highlighted the given facts which will provide some insights how to make VR videos more attractive. They reported on their official blog post that approximately 75% of people give their time watching 90-degree videos. They also advise inserting compelling content for the whole scene by utilizing some markers or even animation. In this case, people will watch the full video.


And the third point that YouTube mentioned is considering the fact for which devices the video is prepared. If people should want them via VR headset then it is preferred to give them time a few seconds for the VR headset installation.

Along with Heatmaps option, YouTube announced VR Creator Lab program for those who record 360 videos. This program purposes to give people chance to build highly qualified 360 content of high-quality providing $30k to $40k. This program will last 3 months and will take place in LA. Those who are interested in taking part VR Creator Lab program can apply for the application now and it is open till Jun 21, 2017.

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