YouTube VR Creator Lab to Mentor and Fund Creators up to $40K

On August 7th 2017, YouTube Space LA hosts the beginning of the VR Creator Lab, a 3-month program to assist content creators in producing “original and experimental” 360-degree videos. Along with regular mentoring and advanced education from leading VR instructors, participants will receive $30K–$40K in funding toward the VR video production projects.

The VR Creator Lab, detailed on this page, opens with a 3-day ‘boot camp’ at the YouTube Space LA, “full of workshops, coaching, pre-production, and social activities”. Using the 360 cameras and audio gear provided by YouTube Space, each participating channel is expected to produce “at least four original and experimental VR videos and one behind-the-scenes video,” which can be multi-part or standalone. Every other Monday, the group reassembles at the Space to “review works-in-progress, meet with mentors, and hear talks from leaders of the VR industry.”

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Applications are open to YouTube channels with at least 10,000 subscribers (1,000 subscribers if registered in the YouTube Nonprofit Program) with at least two 360° videos already produced and published to the channel. Channels associated with a consumer brand are not eligible. Up to three team members per channel, who must be at least 18 years old, may participate in the program, and the significant funding is intended to be entirely “put on screen” rather than directly paying the creators, the results of which will be exclusive to YouTube for the first year.

According to VRScout, who have collaborated with YouTube and VR Playhouse on the project, the goal is to “help YouTube creators grow their knowledge of VR production workflows and walk away with a refined approach to producing immersive content both during and after the lab”.

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Similar ‘boot camps’ for 360° video filmmaking, “from creative ideation, through production, post, and distribution”, are now being offered separately by VR Playhouse in LA.

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